24 Craziest Self-Storage Auction Finds

Downsizing definitely comes in all shapes and sizes. When people go bankrupt, they often lose everything not protected by state bankruptcy exemptions.

Those with self-storage units may lose anything and everything in storage. Check out the bizarre and lucrative finds!

24 Craziest Self-Storage Auction Finds

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24 Craziest Self-Storage Auction Finds

Downsizing definitely comes in all shapes and sizes. When people go bankrupt they often lose everything! In the case of those with storage units, that often means a ‘foreclosure’ on anything (and everything) in storage. Remember: if you don’t pay your bill for three consecutive months, your stuff might go up for auction to the highest bidder.

The Most Bizarre Items

  • Several shrunken heads (that turned out to be fakes)
  • A toilet filled with dirt, with a plant growing in it
  • A piggy bank in the shape of a gorilla eating a banana
  • Pickled chicken’s feet
  • 27 smashed television sets
  • 5,000 pieces of the Berlin Wall
  • A coffin
  • A tanned crocodile skin
  • Boxes of sorted recyclable bottles and cans
  • 100 small boxes of pornographic DVDs
  • A collection of rat traps with tiny toy dolls pinned on them
  • A mattress with a chalk outline of a body on it

The Greatest Treasures

  • $100,000: Packs of vintage baseball and football cards
  • Worth Thousands: Two gold and silver coin collections
  • $10,000: Harley-Davidson Fat Boy motorcycle
  • Worth Thousands: 1970 Shelby Cobra
  • $20,000: Antique rickshaw
  • Worth Thousands: Vintage GMC pickup truck
  • $4,000: BMW Isetta Microcar
  • $1,200: Vintage tandem bicycle
  • $15,000: A letter written by Abraham Lincoln
  • $1,200: 25 antique Barbie dolls (worth $40-$50 apiece)
  • $8,500: Cruise missile engine
  • $5,000: Suge Knight custom made clothes

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  • Those are some crazy and wonderful things to find in a storage unit. I have found some icky stuff too. My very first unit, I was such a newbie, I found lots of trash and used condoms that were strewn all over the floor. Tip for first timers, BRING GLOVES when you are cleaning out your auction wins.

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