Free Case Evaluation

What to Expect When Meeting With an Attorney

You now have the opportunity for a free, no obligation meeting with a local bankruptcy. What does this mean and what can you expect?

First, making an appointment and meeting is by no means filing bankruptcy. Because of federal laws and pre-filing requirements, you won’t walk out of the meeting with your papers filed.

This first meeting is meant to provide you information so you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you.

Also, keep in mind that the bankruptcy attorney you’ll be meeting with is not a representative of the government or your creditors. This is a private practicing attorney who is available to answer your questions.

Then, if you decide you want to hire a lawyer, that attorney should work for you to achieve the best possible results. The attorney’s job is to help you through process.

What to Talk About During Your Meeting

What will you and the lawyer talk about during your first meeting? Whatever you want.

Most people meet to talk about their concerns, whatever they may be. A lawyer may walk you through different parts of the case, and provide answers on how the laws apply to your concerns.

The focus of the meeting should be on getting answers to your questions. Ideally, you’ll walk out of the meeting feeling comfortable that you’ve made a smart decision. Regardless of whether you file, you deserve to have all the facts.

This meeting may be a great opportunity for you to get what you need to take control of your finances. Use it to your advantage, and build off this strong first step.