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Bankruptcy Automatic Stay - Tell Creditors to Stay Away

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In most bankruptcy cases — whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy — a court order called the automatic stay puts an immediate stop to creditor harassment.

The automatic stay is designed to prohibit any further collection actions, including most lawsuits, telephone calls, and even letters, as long as the bankruptcy case is pending.

You may have more control over your financial future than your creditors want you to believe.

If you've grown tired of the late-night collection calls from angry creditors and tossing and turning all night after getting off the phone, take action now!

Learn more about filing for personal bankruptcy and how the automatic stay has protected millions of people from creditors.

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Bankruptcy May End Collection Calls & Letters

With limited exceptions, during your bankruptcy case, the automatic stay generally stops:

Seek Relief from Creditors via Bankruptcy's Automatic Stay

So how long does the bankruptcy automatic stay last? Generally, the automatic stay will remain in effect until:

  • The bankruptcy case is complete and you receive a discharge;
  • The bankruptcy judge lifts the automatic stay at the request of a creditor and upon a hearing before the bankruptcy court; or
  • The protected property is no longer part of the bankruptcy estate.

Take the Initiative to Stop Your Financial Problems

If you're seeking relief from harassing phone calls, lawsuits or wage garnishment, you can take action now. Discuss your options and your rights with a bankruptcy attorney near you.

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