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Bankruptcy & Income

Filing Personal Bankruptcy may Protect Your Income

Your income may be one of your most valuable assets. Any debt problems can become unmanageable if your ability to earn an income—and keep current on your bills—is diminished, whether through job loss, medical emergency, divorce or wage garnishment.

Many people dealing with these issues turn to bankruptcy every year to help regain control of their finances and wipe out debt. A diminished income may help you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy under the means test.

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Learn About Personal Bankruptcy and Financial Issues

To learn more about what effects filing personal bankruptcy may have on your income and your career, visit the following pages:

  • Unemployment and Bankruptcy. Learn about how filing bankruptcy may help eliminate debts after a job loss.
  • Debt Lawsuits. Bankruptcy's automatic stay halts debt-related lawsuits and may help wipe out the creditors' claims by discharging debts.
  • Wage Garnishment. Creditors can garnishes the wages of debtor's who have gone into default, taking a large chunk of the debtor's take-home pay. Learn how bankruptcy can stop this process.
  • Debt and Career. What effects does living with debt have on a person's career? How are debt and income related? How can filing bankruptcy help your work life? Find out here.

Discuss Bankruptcy with a Local Attorney

If you are concerned about protecting your income from angry creditors and collection agencies, you can discuss the protections provided by Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy with a local bankruptcy attorney.

To connect with a bankruptcy lawyer today who can evaluate your case, simply fill out our free case evaluation form or call 877-833-2410.

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