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Jobs after Bankruptcy

For people who are pushed to file for bankruptcy by unemployment, one important part of post-bankruptcy life is finding a new job. But looking for jobs after bankruptcy comes with certain challenges that you should be ready for when you begin your job search process.

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Looking for Jobs after Bankruptcy

So what do you need to know about the job-hunting scene for people who have filed for personal bankruptcy? Here are a few basics about finding jobs after bankruptcy.

  • Pre-employment credit check: In addition to performing a criminal background check, many employers in the U.S. have taken to conducting credit checks for job applicants. The good news is that more and more states have begun to take action to outlaw pre-employment credit checks for all but financially related jobs.
  • What to say in an interview: However, if you know a potential employer plans to run a credit check on you, some insiders suggest being upfront about your bankruptcy. After all, lots of myths polluted bankruptcy's reputation in the past, but thanks to the bursting of the housing market bubble and the ongoing foreclosure crisis, more and more people are realizing that bankruptcy is not simply something that "deadbeats" do instead of paying their bills. However, you should carefully evaluate whether and how you want to disclose this information to a potential employer before you do so.
  • Patience and determination: As you probably already know, it will take a while to rebuild your credit to a point that you'll look attractive to lenders (and maybe even potential employers). This means that you'll have to be patient with yourself and your job hunt.

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