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Jobs after Foreclosure

If you're one of the millions of Americans who is concerned about losing a home right now, or if you've already lost your home to foreclosure, you're probably wondering about what your future might hold as far as finances, your potential need for bankruptcy, your next move and your likelihood of finding work.

While individuals all over the country are facing similar circumstances, it's important to get the facts about your situation to determine exactly how a foreclosure could impact you.

In this situation, a local attorney can be a valuable resource. You can connect with a bankruptcy attorney in your area today - just fill out the form on this page to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Finding a Job after Home Foreclosure

Conducting a job hunt after mortgage foreclosure can be difficult. Here are a few factors that could maximize your odds of getting back on track financially.

  • Do you need bankruptcy protection? If you still have significant debts after the foreclosure of your home, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy as a way of getting a fresh financial start and easing the burden of dealing with debt collectors. Besides potentially diminishing the number of debts you have to worry about, bankruptcy may allow you to keep your car, which may be essential to a job search.
  • Do you have a fixed address? Getting in contact with employers can be nearly impossible if you're moving around regularly (which, unfortunately, is the situation many foreclosure victims find themselves in). In order to increase your odds at connecting with potential employers, consider asking a trusted family member or friend whether you can receive mail at their address if you expect to change lodging situations frequently.
  • Will your employer conduct a credit check? These days, it's becoming more and more common for employers to conduct credit checks in addition to background checks as part of the hiring process. While some states have made this illegal, others still permit it. Credit checks are especially common in financial and government industries, so be prepared if you are considering finding employment in these fields.
  • Will foreclosure affect your ability to get work? This question is tricky and depends on many factors, including (perhaps most importantly) the type of job you hope to find. If you're interested in work that involves money or handling a company's financial records, mortgage foreclosure and/or a bankruptcy filing may make you ineligible. A bankruptcy lawyer may be able to help you understand the legal side of this question more clearly.

Speak with an Attorney Today about Your Post-Foreclosure Job Search Rights

It's important to remember that there are federal laws on the books that prevent hiring discrimination for a number of reasons. If you're interested in learning more about these rights or have questions about bankruptcy and foreclosure, take this opportunity to connect with an attorney in your area.

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