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Dealing with debt can be a 24-hour job. Whether you're working longer hours to catch up on endless bills, calling in sick after a sleepless night, living with excess money problems can be detriment to your career.

If you're tired of living with debt, you can connect with a local bankruptcy attorney today. An attorney can explain how bankruptcy laws provide protection from creditor harassment and debt lawsuits, and may allow you to make a fresh financial start.

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Working With Debt

Living with debt can be difficult, but those difficulties may multiply when taken into the working world.

Many employers have begun the practice of including a credit check in the hiring process. The practice began with banks, government and other "high security" jobs, where financial responsibility is necessary in the work.

Today, even some entry-level jobs require a credit check, and a poor credit score may be enough to keep a debtor out of work — a real blow to those whose credit took a dive after losing a job due to layoffs or illness.

For those who are employed and in debt, the practice of having an income coming in and watching it all go to bills can be frustrating. Job satisfaction is particularly low among those with a poor debt-to-income ratio.

Bankruptcy's Effect

While no promises can be made that personal bankruptcy will eliminate all debts or provide job satisfaction, filing bankruptcy may provide relief from certain debts. For those whose debts are severely impacting job performance, it can be a life-changing decision.

When a person files bankruptcy, the courts issue an automatic stay order, which prevents creditors from contacting the debtor in any way. No more phone calls at work, threatening letters or garnished wages.

Discuss Your Options with a Local Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you're fed up with unmanageable debts and are ready to take action, connect with a local bankruptcy attorney. Learn how you may be able to take advantage of the protections offered by U.S. bankruptcy laws and put your debt behind you.

Connect with a bankruptcy attorney today. Simply fill out our free case evaluation form or call 877-833-2410 to speak with an attorney in your area who can evaluate your case.

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