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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Discharge

With the economic downturn, many people are turning to America's legal system as a way to stop harassment from creditors. Filing personal bankruptcy creates a judicial mandate that may halt foreclosure proceedings and cease wage garnishment.

But filing the petition is just the first of many steps that must be taken to negotiate a reasonable payment plan which can bring financial relief and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge.

A bankruptcy attorney can help you determine if filing Chapter 13 may be the right solution for you. For more information, connect with a local attorney today. Simply fill out the case review form below to get started.

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Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Once you have filed for Chapter 13, you will create a three-to-five year payment plan with the court. Based on the plan you create, your payments will be distributed by the court to creditors. If you have followed the terms of the the payment plan, at the end of the plan, you should be eligible to receive a Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge, in which debts not repaid through the plan may be forgiven and wiped clean.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Help

Creating a bankruptcy petition, organizing a payment plan and negotiating with creditors in court can be a stressful experience. A bankruptcy attorney can help summarize your crucial information and keep you updated on the most recent changes in their field. To find a local attorney today, simply fill out our free evaluation form or call 877-833-2410.

Discharge vs. Dismissal of Chapter 13 Case

When dealing with bankruptcy, be careful not to confuse the term "bankruptcy discharge" with "bankruptcy dismissal," as they mean different things for your bankruptcy case outcome. A "discharge" means that your case has been successful — it is complete, and all debt included under the plan has been released.

A bankruptcy case that has been "dismissed," however, has been thrown out of bankruptcy court. In this case, the debtor still owes the same amount they owed before filing for bankruptcy, and on occasion even more money if interest payments were not waived under their bankruptcy plan.

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If you have more questions about receiving Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge, and about whether Chapter 13 could help you create an affordable debt repayment plan, speak with a bankruptcy lawyer near you today. Connect with an attorney today for a free case evaluation. Fill out the form below to get started.

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