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Children of Foreclosure

How Family Finances Impact Kids

If you're worried about losing your home, you may be especially concerned about how foreclosure could affect your children's lives. Luckily, Chapter 13 bankruptcy has helped many homeowners protect their families and save their homes.

Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Helping Families Move Forward

Many people are surprised to discover that filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may provide immediate breathing room. In most bankruptcy cases, an automatic stay is entered. The automatic stay prevents most collection action while the bankruptcy case is pending--it can even stop foreclosure actions, wage garnishments and lawsuits.

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The Possible Aftermath of Foreclosure: Instability & Poor Student Performance

In a report titled The Impact of the Mortgage Crisis on Children, First Focus examines the ways in which financial and housing distress can harm the children of foreclosure and found that:

  • The Center for Responsible Lending estimates that 20% of all subprime mortgages originated in the last two years will go into foreclosure, amounting to about 2.6 million foreclosures.
  • Based on real estate and census records, about 2 million children will lose their homes because of foreclosure.
  • School districts around the country are reporting increases in homeless students and are citing foreclosure as a cause.

In its report, First Focus cites research that links causes of instability in children's lives (such as frequent moving and homelessness) to performance and behavior problems at school. Consider these numbers from the National Association of Educational Progress:

  • Students with two or more moves in the past year are half as likely to be proficient readers as their more stable peers.
  • Students who move homes often are 2.5 times more likely to repeat a grade than students who don't.
  • Students who frequently change schools and residences are 50 percent less likely to graduate than those who don't.
  • Students who move frequently are 77 percent more likely to have four or more behavioral problems than stable students.

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