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Credit Card Debt Advice

People facing overwhelming credit card debt are often desperate for advice about how to restore health to their personal finances. But how do you know where to find reliable credit card debt advice? There are a few things to keep in mind when seeking financial counsel.

Many people find that an attorney can be an unbiased source for advice. With many options in front of you, an attorney may be able to help you determine which may best suit your needs and goals.

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Where Can I Get Credit Card Debt Advice?

First of all, it's important to understand that giving debt advice is a lucrative industry for the less-than-honest – after all, many Americans feel overwhelmed by their finances and are willing to do whatever it takes to get themselves on solid ground. When you're looking for credit card debt advice, keep the following in mind:

  • Be wary of advertisements for debt advice: Think about it - if a company can afford to pay for advertising, it's making a fair amount of money. And where is it getting that money? Probably from its customers. While advertisements may make their debt relief services sound appealing, be sure to research any firm you hear advertised before paying for its services.
  • Learn the lingo of debt relief: Debt settlement services offer to negotiate with your creditors for a fee. Credit counseling agencies help you develop a plan for repaying your debts. Debt consolidation loans require you to take out one big loan to cover the amount of all your other loans. Filing bankruptcy can offer a complete discharge of credit card debts. Before plunging headfirst into looking for professional credit card debt advice, be sure to know what you want.
  • Know the risks and benefits: Make sure to weigh all of your credit card debt relief options, and make sure that any agencies or individuals you work with are reputable.  Investigage each process.  Bankruptcy is a form of debt relief that's based on federal and state laws, and can offer a complete, legal discharge of unsecured debts. While bankruptcy is not right for every individual, it can provide serious financial relief for those who truly need it.
  • Know your rights: One reason credit card debt can be so stressful is because debt collectors sometimes break the law in their attempts to collect on debts. And, even though many consumers don't realize it, there are powerful federal laws in place to protect people with debt from abusive collection practices. Make sure you understand your rights when dealing with debt collectors.

Ask a Lawyer for Credit Card Debt Advice Specific to Your Situation

If you're ready to figure out once and for all what to do about your credit card debt, it may be time to seek the help of a bankruptcy lawyer .

Consulting with a bankruptcy lawyer does not commit you to filing for bankruptcy, but it can help you determine whether bankruptcy might help you ease your credit card debt burden.

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