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Debt Relief Advice

As you may already know, battling growing debt can be a daunting task. And, if you're like many people with a debt burden to bear, you may be ready for debt relief advice to help you get back on your feet and on a path to stronger finances. While there is no single solution for every type of debt, one option that many people turn to is filing for personal bankruptcy.

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Where Can I Get Debt Relief Advice?

Unfortunately, there are plenty of scammers and profit-hungry companies that disguise themselves as businesses trying to provide debt relief advice for those in financial distress. Before you fork over any cash to such groups, arm yourself with knowledge about your debt relief options:

  • Credit counseling: This debt relief option involves working with an accredited credit counselor to devise a repayment plan, budget, financial management system or whatever else you might need to get back on track financially. In fact, the bankruptcy law that took effect in 2005 requires all potential bankruptcy filers to meet with a credit counselor to determine whether or not bankruptcy would be the best solution for their finances. You can find accredited, non-profit credit counselors in your area by searching online.
  • Debt settlement: This type of debt relief involves paying a company to negotiate with your creditors for lower interest rates, a reduction in your principal, or some other money-saving terms. Be warned, though: while honest debt settlement firms exist, scam-based debt settlers abound. Many such companies do little more than charge customers too much money and ignore their plights. Before paying any company to help you ease your debt, be sure to check its reputation online and with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Creditor negotiation: This is a real do-it-yourself debt relief option. Rather than paying a company to contact and negotiate with your creditors, you simply pick up the phone and do it yourself. If you choose this route for relieving your debt, you can look up steps for successfully negotiating with creditors to help you during the process.
  • Personal bankruptcy: This is perhaps the most sweeping way to eliminate your debt, out of all the methods mentioned here. Federal and state laws govern bankruptcy, so no matter where you file for bankruptcy, you can expect a regulated procedure.

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If you're still not sure which debt relief strategy might work best for your financial situation, you may want to consider connecting with a bankruptcy lawyer. An attorney can help you examine the specifics of your debt and help you determine how best to proceed to achieve the kind of debt relief you need.

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