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A little bit of debt may spiral out of control. Interest rates, fees and complicated contracts may all contribute. At times, you may feel like everyone is against you as creditors call, send letters and even threaten foreclosure and wage garnishment.

But even if your debt seems overwhelming, you may be able to get help with a local Washington DC bankruptcy lawyer. 

Bankruptcy lawyers may guide you through all of your debt relief options, and outline how the laws in DC may help you get a fresh financial start.

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Washington DC Bankruptcy Options

In Washington, DC most people filing bankruptcy choose from the two main options: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common type of bankruptcy: It is designed to quickly wipe out credit card debt. You may also use a single case to close out debt tied to medical bills and personal loans. Plus, you won't need to make regular payments to creditors or come up with the cash for a lump sum settlement.

Chapter 7 is specially designed for people who don't have enough income to take control of their debts. In fact, you can't file unless you pass the means test, which typically means your income is lower than the median in Washington, DC.

If you do file, your unsecured debts may be cleared in only a few months. Plus, using Chapter exemptions, you may be able to protect your property from a forced sale by creditors. This is a rare event in Chapter 7 filings, but you should be aware of exactly what is protected. Fortunately, DC has some of the best protections in the country.

Washington, DC Chapter 7 exemptions include:

  • 100 percent aggregate interest in your home
  • $2,575 for one vehicle
  • $8,625 for home furnishings including appliances, musical instruments, clothing, books, animals and more.
  • $1,625 for professional books and tools of the trade
  • $400 for family library
  • Up to $8,075 in unused home exemption for other items

These strong exemptions help ensure that there is rarely a forced sale of any property in a Chapter 7 case. However, some people will still need more protection. That's where Chapter 13 comes in.

Chapter 13 is one of the few ways you may clear debt tied to your home mortgage or car loans. A filing may help you clear those, along with other debts like credit card bills. Chapter 13 typically takes longer, but it also offers even stronger protections for your property. You will also need enough income to make regular payments to a court-appointed trustee - the person in charge of dealing with your creditors and debts.

The bottom line: Bankruptcy offers many options. You have choices if you have little income, need help fast, need to stop foreclosure or want to keep your car. You may even find that one bankruptcy filing eliminates several problems at once.

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Laws may have changed since our last update. For the latest information on your state's bankruptcy laws, speak to a local bankruptcy lawyer. 

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