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Understanding your options can be the first step toward the peace of mind you deserve. Speaking with a bankruptcy attorney may be the first step towards clearing your debt.

The bankruptcy laws in Indiana are designed to clear debt related to:

  • Credit cards
  • Home mortgages
  • Car loans
  • Medical bills
  • Personal loans
  • Utility bills

Could bankruptcy help you get control of your debts? Find out by speaking with a local bankruptcy attorney.

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Bankruptcy Chapters in Indiana

Bankruptcy in Indiana may be a life changing process. The laws in your state allow a number of debts to be closed completely. At the same time, bankruptcy has special tools in place to help people keep their home, car and other important property.

When it comes to using personal bankruptcy, you have two main options, known as chapters.They each function in slightly different ways

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to provide quick elimination of unsecured debts like credit card, medical and personal loan debt. It's typically used by folks who don't have the regular income for a payment and don't want to wait for help.

It also allows certain property to be protected through Chapter 7 exemptions. These exemptions are part of Indiana state law and outline the types and amounts of property protected from a forced sale during bankruptcy. This is why in most Indiana Chapter 7 cases there is no forced sale of any kind. Exemptions include:

  • Homestead: Up to $15,000 for real property, including condo, co-op or farm
  • 75 percent of weekly disposable wages
  • $300 for "intangible" personal property
  • $8,000 in personal property or other real estate
  • 100 percent of all health aids

If you want to include your home mortgage and car loans in your filing then Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a better fit. Chapter 13 takes longer to complete than a Chapter 7, but because the automatic stay provides protection from harassing creditors, foreclosure and repossession for the duration of the case.

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Which type of bankruptcy is right for you? That's a decision you'll need to make once you get all the facts and fully understand how the laws may help you.

Bankruptcy is designed to eliminate debt, and each year it does so for hundreds of thousands of people. Could it help you? Speak with a bankruptcy lawyer about putting the bankruptcy laws to work for you.

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Laws may have changed since our last update. For the latest information on your state's bankruptcy laws, speak to a local bankruptcy lawyer.

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