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Nebraska Bankruptcy Laws

Bankruptcy laws give Nebraskans seeking relief from debt two main options: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy. Each chapter has certain advantages that can help in different situations.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is typically used by those with:

  • Debt from credit cards, medical bills or personal loans
  • No or little regular income
  • Few valuable assets that could be seized by creditors

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is typically used by those with:

  • Debt from a home mortgage or auto loans
  • A regular source of income to repay creditors
  • A home or other asset that could be seized by creditors

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is typically a quick process, which ends with debts being forgiven by the bankruptcy court. The bankruptcy court may take certain valuable assets to repay creditors, but Nebraska laws allow for protections from sale. These exemptions include:

  • Homestead: Family residence up to $60,000 not to exceed 160 acres
  • Wages: 85% of wages for head of household; 75% of wages for others
  • Automobile: Up to $2,400 for any vehicle used in or to commute to your work
  • Up to $2,500 for any personal property
  • Up to $1,500 for any household possessions
  • Up to $2,400 for any tools of the trade
  • 100% of all professionally prescribed health aids

Chapter 13 bankruptcy results in a structured, affordable repayment plan, which lasts three to five years. Secured debts like mortgage debt are given priority, and other debts may be significantly decreased or eliminated, based on what you can afford.

Both bankruptcy chapter come with the protection of the automatic stay, a powerful court order that prevents collection efforts by creditors. The automatic stay can halt foreclosure and stop creditor lawsuits, as well as silencing phone calls, for the duration of your case.

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